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M.M.C Management Center Ltd. has been founded in 2002 and provides training courses for Adult Learning and for VET. MMC  is structured in three departments:
1. The training department
VET courses such as office administration, accounting officers,  IT technician, sales and retailing, certified project management,, ecdl courses. Additionally MMC delivers short professional courses for upskiling such as mentoring, coaching, leadership, emotional intelligence etc. Courses for professionals are delivered as public or incompany courses. MMC courses are subsidized by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.
VET courses often target unemployed people and economically inactive women. The training department also offer workbased training programmes to unemployed people, economically inactive women and young adults MMC also designs and delivers language courses. The training department uses specialised tools for the implementation of training needs analysis of different target groups as well as for the evaluation of the training results.  MMC has developed its own e-learning platforms for the development of key competences as well as for language learning.
2. The events management department
This department designs and organises conferences such the Personal Assistant Conference, the Sales Conference, the Manager's toolbox etc. At the same time  it organises conferences on behalf of MMC customers. The dissemination activities implemented for the different European projects the company implements is also the responsibility of this department.
3. The European projects department
This department  has implemented more than ten projects (Leonardo TOI, DOI, KA2, GRUNDVIG etc). MMC has coordinated three projects (DOI, TOI, KA2). Through these european projects MMC has developed:
1. Qualification frameworks based on EQF and ECVET as well as modular curricula and assessment tools
2. e-learning platforms
3. Quality models for quality in VET
4. Curricula and training packages for the key competences (ERF) with emphasis to entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship
5. Language courses
6. Curricula and methodologies  for several disadvantaged groups (unemployed, immigrants, asylum seekers etc)
7.  Design of awareness campaigns
This department also implements co-funded projects  - most of them as a contractor of the Human Resource Development Authority. These contracts involve VET long courses for unemployed people or economically inactive women in the areas of Office Administration, Computers and ICT skills and English language. Participants attending these courses receive a certification from the Human Resource Development Authority. Additionally, MMC implements cofunded projects for workbased learning for unemployed people, young low skilled adults and economically inactive women. The project beneficiaries include unemployed people, low skilled young adults, economically inactive women, immigrants, people with disabilities, young entrepreneurs and trainers and VET/Adult institutions.
MMC is a member of the Cyprus HRD Association, and KYSIEK (Cyprus Association of Vocational Training Institutions). MMC is certified with ISO.


Human Profess Nonprofit Ltd. was established by three private persons in 2010. Its employees have 15-20 years of working experience in the labour, adult training and social field, in the implementation of Hungarian and international tenders, and it has a wide range of experts. The company is also an accreditated adult training institution since 2013, Registry No: AL-3002.
The target groups of the company are disadvantaged people such as disabled people, unemployed people, women, career entrant young people and older people. Besides them, we are offering our services for professionals, civil organisations, for-profit and nonprofit institutions and local governments.
Our field of operation is Vas county, the Western frontier of Hungary, but we keep in touch with many state, civil and nonprofit organisation and university of several countries of the European Union.
The company undertakes professional activity in four different fields:
1. Labour market services:  facilitating social integration and employment of disadvantaged people, offering services and training related to the vocational rehabilitation of disadvantaged people, career advice, close cooperation with labour organisations, consulting companies and service providers.
2. Adult training activity: organising trainings, developing teaching materials, informing institutions about the latest trainings, doing administration related to the implementation of the training, documenting and developing the quality management system of the training.
3. Knowledge and innovation transfer: exploring the opportunities lying in Hungarian and international cooperations, establishing relationships, adapting innovative activities, generating Hungarian projects, working and trying out innovative activities.
4. Writing and managing tenders for external clients: for local governments int he fields of health development/health promotion, and the development of social services, clearing infocommunicational obstacles for social, health and educational institutions, labour market services and innovational developments for small enterprises.
The vision of our enterprise: we are an organisation fighting for the equal opportunities and labour market rehabilitation of disadvantaged groups. We wish to preserve our stability by being a multifaceted organisation, which is providing its services for several sectors, and is at the same time flexible and striving for innovation.


Institute for Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute (ITeE-PIB)  is a state-owned research and development institution conducting basic and applied research as well as implementation in the field of advanced technologies related to machines manufacturing and maintenance, materials engineering, environmental protection and systems engineering. There are 250 highly qualified specialists employed at the Institute. Over 60% of the staff are scientific and technical researchers with high academic degrees and titles. The employees of the Institute frequently hold important positions in the committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences, scientific associations and expert panels in the area of economy innovativeness, experiment and manufacturing activity in the field of research devices and special technological devices, as well as printing and publishing activity addressing scientific subjects.
By participating in the realisation and coordinating R&D projects for the support of innovative solutions transfer, and by means of cooperation with the business and MSE sector oriented at the practical application of research results, the Institute’s personnel actively seek ways of solving problems of the Polish industry.  A symbiosis between research on advanced, high technologies and research on work environment and vocational education has been also created in the Institute. Research on the work environment, vocational and lifelong learning, design of innovative curricula and teaching materials conducted for over 25 years within wide international cooperation led to the establishment of a scientific Work Pedagogy Innovative Economy Centre. The Centre introduced the engineering methods of research as well as system organisation and obtained high efficiency, correlation of work environment research, work results with needs, content, and the quality of vocational education. Within the its structure, there are The Vocational Education Research Department and The Continuing Education Department. The scope of the activity of the Centre revolves around the topic of the integrated multilevel system of continuing vocational education,the scientific and research undertakings are aimed at the development of theoretical and methodological solutions to problems accompanying this system, mainly concerning adults. It also develops diagnostics and expert reports for the national governmental bodies including Ministries of: National and Higher Education, Economy, Labour and Social Policy.


TREXIMA Bratislava Ltd. is a company specialized in research, statistics, advisory and consulting services in the field of labor market and human resources. Since 1992 TREXIMA Bratislava has been following the verified methods and knowledge concerning wage statistics in different European countries, as well as worldwide. During the years it expanded its activities on job descriptions, occupational classifications, human resources management, career guidance, analytical job evaluations, rationalisation of working processes, detailed retrospective analyses and productivity prognoses. The staff increased from 3 employees in 1992 to 40 employees in 2016. TREXIMA Bratislava has an expertise in developing online
systems sponsored by Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic and coordinated by Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. The systems are used by various labour market stakeholders, in particular jobseekers, staff of public employment services, employers, school counsellors. TREXIMA Bratislava implements Labour Market Integrated System containing occupational profiles of all existing jobs in the Slovak labour market, as well as counselling tools that are useful for finding a job corresponding to educational attainment, experience, knowledge and skills of the website user. TREXIMA Bratislava holds a Quality Management Systems Certificate approved according to ISO 9001: 2008.

The main objective of the Teamwork for a better future – Veľký Meder Civil Association (CA) is to promote and develop activities and support active participation of citizens at the local, regional, national, and international level in various fields of social life, in particular in the areas of:  
a) education, lifelong learning and extracurricular activities by promoting education and creating opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginal groups and modern communication technologies (Internet, Skype, Facebook)
b) development of social responsibility in a form of promoting communication and dialogue between people and different sectors
c) creating legal awareness by promoting public awareness of the rights and responsibilities and providing administrative and advisory services for the disadvantaged and marginal groups
d) (re)integration of job seekers into the labour market, focusing on the disadvantaged groups by implementing information and advisory activities and professional counselling and international institutional exchange of information about the labour market and good practices.
The founders have years of experience in professional consulting and international partnerships.


VRC Ltd. is a specialist consultancy in vocational and employment services. It provides research, staff development and training, programme design and policy analysis to service providers in the public, NGO and private sectors. Recent clients and project collaborators include The Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and Unemployment Insurance Board, The UK Department for Work and Pensions, the UK’s largest supported employment provider, the UK ESF unit, AIG Medical and Rehabilitation Ltd, and the Slovenian University Research Institute on Rehabilitation URI-Soca, the international insurer Swiss Re, and curriculum development for the Fachhochschule Mittelstands.  VRC has specialist expertise in in the field of online and face to face training programmes for employment advisors. VRC Ltd runs as a network of  consultants who contribute to projects according to their specialist expertise, including vocational specialists, HR specialists, and occupational psychologists and occupational therapists. VRC was a lead organisation in creation and certification of the European Disability Practitioner Certificate, and continues to provide both face to face and distance learning in this qualification. VRC's distance-learning experience and materials will be made available to this project.